advantage of ceramic ball bearings

In the development and application of engineering ceramics, ceramic ball bearings is a typical example of engineering ceramics widely used in the industrial field, and has been highly valued by many countries. Among high-speed precision bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings is the most widely used, that is, hot pressed Si3N4 ceramic ball is used for rolling element, and the bearing ring is still steel ring. This kind of ceramic bearings is highly standardized, has little change to the machine tool structure, and is convenient for maintenance. It is especially suitable for high-speed operation. The high-speed motorized spindle assembled by it has the advantages of high speed, high stiffness, high power, long life, etc. 1. Bearing configuration: inner and outer ring bearing steel/stainless steel+ceramic ball+PA66/stainless steel retainer+2RS/ZZ2. High temperature grease.  Advantages of ceramic ball bearing compared with ordinary bearing is as follows.

(1) High temperature resistance

The coefficient of thermal expansion of ceramic ball is small, and the bearing ball will not expand due to temperature in high temperature environment, which greatly improves the service temperature of the whole bearing. The temperature of ordinary bearing is about 160 degrees, and that of ceramic ball can reach more than 220 degrees

(2) High speed

The ceramic ball has the property of oil-free self-lubricating. The friction coefficient of the ceramic ball is small, so the ceramic bearings has a very high speed. According to statistics, the speed of the ceramic ball bearing is more than 1.5 times that of the general bearing

(3) Long life

The ceramic ball can be used without any grease. That is to say, even if the grease dries, the bearing can still operate. This avoids premature bearing damage caused by grease drying in ordinary bearings. According to our test and some customer feedback, the service life of the bearing after using the ceramic ball is 2-3 times that of ordinary bearings

(4) Insulation

Last but not least, insulation. The ceramic ball bearings can insulate the inner and outer rings of the bearing, because the ceramic ball is an insulator. Using a ceramic ball between the inner and outer rings of the bearing can achieve the effect of insulation. In this way, the bearing can be used in a conductive environment. The ceramic bearings is composed of a ring, a rolling element, a retainer, grease, and a sealing element. When the rolling element is made of ceramic materials, This rolling bearing is defined as ceramic ball bearings.

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